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What is a Collaborative Divorce?

Besides death, divorce is one of the most stressful events you can face in life. However, a collaborative divorce lawyer makes this challenging process easier and prepares you to move on with your life.

A Collaborative Divorce ends a marriage without litigation by using a negotiation process with two collaboratively trained attorneys and neutral experts. To achieve a client’s objectives, a collaborative divorce lawyer focuses on cooperation rather than combativeness. Collaborative Divorce facilitates the dissolution of a marriage respectfully and equitably while promoting discretion.

Some Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

Nobody wins in an acrimonious separation. Lengthy divorce proceedings adversely impact partners, children, and reputations, not to mention your bank account. Collaborative divorce lawyers aim to protect clients’ interests and achieve the best financial settlement for all parties through educated compromise.

The benefits of a Collaborative Divorce are numerous:

• Avoid the Courtroom – Collaborative divorce is a process where the parties, attorneys, and neutral experts sign an agreement to work outside the courtroom to make decisions and resolve conflicts. Litigated divorce proceedings are public, time-consuming, bureaucratic, and unnecessarily expensive.

• Control – The collaborative divorce process promotes freedom and puts a couple in control of the outcome. Instead of being bound by a judge’s decisions, couples communicate to develop plans that meet their personal needs. A couple uses a neutral, collaboratively trained Financial Specialist to assist them in making decisions to ensure both are secure after the marriage.

• Privacy and Reputation – Because negotiations and settlement terms are completed out of court in private, a Collaborative Divorce prevents damage to reputation that can occur when conflict plays out in a public courtroom.

• Protection for Children – Divorce is a traumatic experience for children. The effects of negative emotions expressed in a contentious divorce can stay with a child for a lifetime. Collaborative Divorce protects children by encouraging parents to settle their differences respectfully with the help of a neutral, collaboratively trained Child Specialist.

Not every divorce will be right for the Collaborative Divorce process. Both partners and their attorneys must be committed to providing all relevant information upfront, communicate civilly, and cooperate to resolve all disputes outside a courtroom, and to a needs-based approach of cooperative negotiation.

Nothing is better than the Collaborative Divorce process for privacy, positivity, and civility in a divorce. When each party works with their own experienced Kansas collaborative divorce lawyer, they can ensure that the terms that become part of the final divorce decree are equitable and enforceable. Contact our office today for a confidential case evaluation.

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